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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I schedule a Service appointment?

Please call 1.800.733.8550, Option 2 to speak with Tech Support.

After an initial diagnosis of the issue, you will be referred to a member of our Dispatch team who will contact you to schedule an appointment with one of our Field Service Engineers.

Do I need my device’s Serial Number before calling Tech Support?

Yes, Tech Support will need the Serial Number to troubleshoot, diagnose any issues, and refer you to Dispatch to schedule a Service appointment.

Where Is My Shipment Of Parts? Will I Receive A Tracking Number?

We are not able to provide a tracking number for parts, but our Tech Support team will be able to help you locate your shipment. 

What Does My Service Warranty Cover?

The Service Warranty covers manufacturer defects of the system and associated parts. For more specific information, please refer to your individual policy.

What Does My Service Agreement Cover?

The Service Agreement will cover 12-months of hassle-free maintenance including priority scheduling and replacement of defective parts with only OEM parts, as well as one preventative maintenance visit, which includes optical alignments, calibrations, software updates, and fluid/system checks.

For more specific information, please refer to your individual policy.

When Does My Warranty Expire?

Please call 1.800.733.8550, Option 2 for information regarding your warranty coverage dates.

What Is Preventative Maintenance And When Does It Occur?

Preventative Maintenance can extend the life of your device, ensure it is maintaining optimal performance and reliability, reduce administrative burden, and protect your investment, enabling the focus to remain on patient care and safety.

Preventative Maintenance is performed during the installation of your device. Additionally, with each year of a purchased Service Agreement, customers will receive an additional Preventative Maintenance appointment. We recommend these appointments one year apart.

Why Do I Have A Billable Repair/Service Appointment?

If the system is not covered under warranty or by a Service Agreement/Contract, any service performed would be billable. Upon completion of this repair, you will have the option of purchasing a Service Agreement.

Can I Sign Up For A Service Agreement In Lieu Of Completing My Open Work Order?

No, the open Work Order needs to be completed first. Upon completion of the repair, you will have the option of purchasing a Service Agreement.

How Can I See My Work Order History On The Candela Connect Portal?

Upon logging in to the Candela Connect Portal at portal.candelamedical.com, click on the “Service” tab to see your latest Service calls, case information, and any corrective action that was taken.

What Should I Do If My System Is Scheduled For End Of Life?

Please plan to upgrade your system as soon as possible to avoid extended downtime as repair parts are limited.

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